My name is April, I am a hairstylist, makeup artist, educator, and mentor. I have an amazing salon in Portland, Oregon. I am a member and national educator of an International color company, and a single mother of two beautiful children. I absolutely love what I do….I have the pleasure of making people beautiful and teaching them how to do that as well. To say the least life can definitely be busy as you all can imagine. All together life is pretty great, I can’t really complain. I have success! But is it never good enough? My constant need for always striving for more, better this, gotta do better that, and not ever good enough started becoming really present for me in my life.

Recently I found myself participating in an education curriculum that has really inspired me to take a look outside of what I call “my life”. I started really examining who I am to people, what people are to me, who I am as a hairdresser to my guests, co workers, and to the world. I started realizing how truly powerful I am for people and who’s lives I impact everyday…we all do!

The greatest impact I found was acknowledging the contribution everyone has made to me and my life. I started to share my acknowledgment of people to them and something amazing started to happen! People started to share and acknowledge the contribution I have made in their lives too! Through this process I began to open my eyes to new possibilities which were never possible for me before. I now have the relationships I’ve always wanted with my family, co- workers, friends, and children. I am lit up about life; I have peace of mind, and for the first time I am really excited to take on the future. Being in this space has really allowed me to open up and be with people unlike I have ever been with people before. Inspired by beauty in my community I chose to create a project that everyone can be a part of. This is a project where we can have love of people, community, and make a contribution for the world.

What we hope to create is a space in which people can share their personal experiences through beauty. The name “Beauty in its first hour” that people will recongnize and identify that you or your business actively participates in your local community. Which gives others the opportunity to impact their own community and make a difference in the world. We are committed to being the “cause in the matter” of the love, transformation, and magic in the world for everyone!

We hope you find yourself inspired, moved, and touched by the contribution of others in our communities and I personally invite you to join me in this amazing journey!

With love,