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  1. I used to work for Victoria’s Secret, where I truly learned what it felt like to make women feel beautiful in their own skin. As a bra specialist, I got the opportunity to work in the fitting room and help women find the right size and style for their shape. There’s one experience that I had that I will never forget. I had a customer come in during our well-known semi-annual sale last spring. She had a bunch of bras in her hands in all different sizes, and did not want my help. I let her into a room with all of her bras without questioning her. A couple of minutes later, I checked back on her to see how she was doing and if there was anything I could grab for her. She insisted she was okay. I checked back a third time, and she was finally ready to ask me a few questions about the fit and size she was wearing. She said it just didn’t feel right. She was in the correct size, however the styles she had grabbed just weren’t right for her shape. I recommended a few styles for her, and her entire demeanor changed. She said she had never felt this good in a bra before. I later came to find that she had been a breast cancer survivor and had had a double mastectomy. We both ended up crying tears of joy together that day in the fitting room, and she left me a note that said I changed her life and gave back to her what cancer took away. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire life.

    • Thank you Shelbyk11 for your touching story. I acknowledge you for being such an amazing human person a being of service to a woman that was really dealing with something. In your space you created for her, she was able to be free enough to love her body again and receive love from a perfect stranger. We impact people, all kinds of people and your story is a perfect example! This is what it takes to experience the magic that all of us posess and give it away, share it, love one another! Thank you so much for being such a contribution to the world and moving me with your story ! Please dont stop sharing its truly a gift to us all!

  2. When I first joined drama club at school I was incredibly nervous. I wasn’t sure who I would meet, or what impression I would leave, I just knew I wanted to do this. After a few days in the drama program, I took notice to a certain group of eighth graders who were astonishingly upbeat. Although I enjoyed most of them for their exhileration, there was one girl who caught my eye. I soon found out that girl’s name was Kayla. Being a sixth graderat the time I was automatically intimidated by the eighth graders and their outgoing aura, so I kept my distance for the time, though still paying attention to Kayla. I don’t know what it was, be it her sense of humor, or her all-around friendliness, but for some reason I was fondly attracted to her. I wanted to be her friend, no matter what it took. I did everything. I waved, said hello as I passed by, offered help, and even tried to hang out with the group once or twice. In the end, I was shocked at where my work led me. It turned out that while I was doing everything I could to impress Kayla, I had already won her arffection without realizing it. Kayla as struggling with a tough time when I entered her life and she immediately noticed my kindness, just as I had noticed hers. She even went through with writing a letter explaining how much me and my admiration meant to her, that she’d never forget me. Reading the letter made me smile and almost cry tears of joy. I had no idea how much I had impacted her life, in the best way. I don’t know if we’ll ever see eachother again, but I now know the beauty in true friendship and I will always cherish those memories.

  3. That is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your story! We can impact people’s lives doesn’t matter how old we are. Thank you so much for making a difference in Kayla’s life, because of you and your kindness it will impact the people around her….that is a contribution!! Your awesome…don’t ever stop sharing yourself!!

  4. Most days as a doctor are not like House or Grey’s Anatomy, though some of them are. Most of the time I see people at their worst … sick, tired and in pain, and I do deliver a fair amount of bad news. But beautiful moments do happen and are worth remembering to get through the other days.
    Recently, my team was caring for a critically ill lady with more than her fair share of medical problems. It became obvious to us that this was an illness from which she would likely not recover and we had long, candid discussions about her wishes going forward. It turns out that she has quite a vibrant personality … she loves to laugh and tease her loved ones, loves bright colors and big jewelry. But, more than anything, she treasured the time she spent with her grandkids. With much planning, our team was able to get her home to do what she loved – joke with her family, enjoy her grandkids, all while wearing all the flashy jewelry she could stand. Before she left the hospital, she gave a heartfelt goodbye to every doctor that cared for her and, in return, one of my colleagues and friends gave her the earrings out of her ears since she knew this patient really liked these earrings. It was such an intimate and meaningful gesture, one I am honored to have witnessed as we are so rarely in this position to give someone something they love.
    We care for many people from all walks of life but I will always remember her.

    • Thank you portlanddr for sharing your story.I really get that being in the presence of real gratitude moved you. Your patient sounds like she could light up a room by just entering. What an impact for her as well as for you and your colleagues. I acknowledge you and all medical professionals for the selflessness that it takes to do what you do. Thank you for the love and willingness that impact everyone around you including myself!

  5. I dont see any thing in my life as great as what I have been reading. I guess my beauty is caring for people I dont know. I all was ready to help with no complaining.

  6. I work with disadvantaged high school students who inspire me to be a better person every day. Despite their incredibly difficult home and troubles with academics, they are kind, caring, compassionate, and amazing people. I love going to work every day and spending time with these kids, it is the most fulfilling job/calling I could ever hope for.
    Recently I shared your stories with them and then shared one of my own about a student who is leaving my program and our high school. I told the kids about our conversation and explained how difficult things were at his home and with his mom, and I told them how much I care about this young man. We were both tearing up when I went in for the appropriate “teacher hug” (you know the one, the lean in but also not touching too much, pat on the back, kind of hug) when he pulled in for a real hug. In that moment, I realized that he probably hadn’t had a real hug from another person in months, possibly years. I was so moved by his need for an adult to acknowledge him and let him know that he was loved…the memory will stay with me always.
    I decided to ask the kids what they find beautiful or inspiring and I asked them to write about it yesterday.
    This is what they had to say:

    -Something that I find inspirational is when my brother overcame cancer this. After all this time in the hospital to see him go outside and play like nothing ever happened is just amazing. And the thing that amazed me the most is that he never once complained about being in the hospital or anything.

    -The people who assisted the victims on the scene of the Boston Marathon bombing were truly inspirational. In all the hectic mayhem of the bombing, there were actually people who were fearless enough to run toward the hellfire to save the victims. I find this more beautiful than anything.

    -Something I find beautiful is life and the world. I take time to look at the world because it’s amazing and nobody realizes it. They look at it as a place where everyone lives, but they don’t take the time to look around and actually think about the world or life. Life is the most beautiful thing in this world, all of it, from being born, to being an adult and living on your own. The place where life is created is earth and it’s spinning and rotating around a big fire ball called the sun. People just look at life as a job, family, kids, you know, what they call “normal life.” They need to wake up and see that the world is the most beautiful thing and life is to be experienced.

    -Something that I find inspirational is my brother. My brother is a single father taking care of a 1 year old. He has been taking care of his son Carter since he was born. I don’t know very many guys who were heroin addicts and then quit cold turkey to take care of his son. He has been sober for a year and a half now and he has changed my life completely.

    -Something that’s very beautiful to me is when my family all gathers around and together. It puts a smile on my face to see my family together and happy, because usually are and living where they usually are and living their lives, but it’s only once in awhile we all get together.

    -Something that’s really beautiful to me is watching my little sister play soccer because she loves it so much and she’s starting so early. Even though she’s only seven she amazes me how hard she plays.

    -Something that inspires me a lot is just people who reach their dreams/goals in life or just accomplish something so big. It also inspires me when people come from something so bad like a hood or family life or anything that had them at risk in their lives.

    -What is most inspiring to me is my mother. When my brother was born, he was 3 months early. He was a little miracle and he had been so early, his brain was not fully developed. My brother had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He is the most beautiful person in my world. My mom inspired me by her talking that little boy into her arms and changed her whole life. She puts her whole life into him, and that is hard for some people to change that fast, but she did. I feel that is something I find beautiful and inspiring.

    -Something that inspires, I see everyday It is all the little things that people do like letting someone over when you’re driving, or letting someone go in front you in line because they have less stuff to buy. Any little act like this makes me feel better as a person and restores what I feel like is lost hope.

    -Something that inspires me is the reminder everyday that Jesus died for all our sins. We have hope for something much brighter. That’s what keeps me going everyday. I find that so beautiful. One man died for everyone, every single person on this earth to give them a chance for eternal life in his kingdom. What makes me sad is that a lot of people don’t realize this.

    -I Find stories if families over coming their hardships and struggles to be inspiring. Coming from a relatively big family and overcome them. I find these stories so touching because I feel that I relate to them.

    -Something that is beautiful and inspirational to me is the act that everyone grows up for the better or worse, but no matter what, everyone will go through something in their lives that will make them or break them. I think it is cool to look back and just see how much we have grown physically and mentally.

    -Something that I found inspirational was when I watched Lebron’s documentary. It inspired me because even though he had a really rough/crazy childhood he stayed committed to the sport he loved. My childhood was somewhat similar to his, and it made me want to push myself in basketball just like he did. The documentary just proved that no matter what your personal life is like, if you want something bad enough, You’ll do all the work you have to do to get to where you dreamed of being.

    -My grandparents love towards each other is the most inspirational impact on my life. When I was growing up my dreams were crushed to find out the “PRINCES” in movies, in real life do not exist. I realized “princes” just hormonal immature boys who have a new girl every week, I confessed this to my grandparents one night about how I did not think love existed anymore and my grandparents almost had a heart attack. They explained to me not every boy you meet will treat you like the princess you are, but when you find the one he will that’s how you know he’s the right person for you. After they said this to me they looked at each other gave each other a little peck. My grandparents are amazing and that was a beautiful inspirational thing to witness and I will never forget it.

    -What inspires me is seeing someone go through a lot in their life and even when they are tired, they don’t give up. I find myself always in the same position that seeing someone else deal with it, seeing how well they got back up inspires me, it’s just the fact that I know I’m not the only one. It’s actually quite common for people to go through this. Everyone deals with problems differently. I get inspired to keep going.

    -Seeing others go out their way or take time off to help one another is beautiful to me. They didn’t have to. It shows how much we care for each other even if its not the same caring we have towards a brother or spouse it is still beautiful that a complete stranger will care enough to help out.

    -It’s beautiful to see people happy. Everything in their life can be a mess. but there’s always something that will make them genuinely happy. From seeing someone everyday, to riding a bike, saying hello, helping others, a dog, just the smallest thing can make anyone happy; it’s beautiful to see them have that spark.

    -Something I find beautiful is the sky and the clouds. On a really nice day I’m always struck with amazement as I look at the clouds. I epically like it when the clouds are extremely puffy and they kind of look like explosions.

    -When I first played and made my own music it gave me the inspiration to keep going and to never play anything but metal and thrash.

    -Someone that inspires me is my mom because throughout the hard times she is always thinking positive and hopes that the good will happen. She has raised me well and taught me to respect people no matter what the circumstance is. We have hit rock bottom before with moving around a lot and then getting evicted from our apartment, I have seen my mom at her hardest times, and in the end things always end up okay for a while, but then eventually we have things go down hill. It’s kind of like a clock, things go in a circle and things seem to happen all around the same time, and then it works out again.

    -Little kids and their view on the world, honestly that is the most beautiful thing in the world. They have this way of seeing the beauty in absolutely everything; they’re so excited about life. Just being around a little kid and watching them try to understand and learning new things, and how happy they are about it all. The innocence they have pours off of them and captivates you sometimes you can even remember what that was like, that is beautiful.

    -What I find beautiful and inspirational is when people are in love. The way they look at their significant other with such joy and the butterflies they get in their stomach every time they see them. I personally get that feeling ever time I see my boyfriend and it makes me so happy when I see other couples that get to experience the same unconditional happiness that I feel everyday.

    -Something I find truly inspirational is my mother. No matter what is wrong, what I have done, or how many times I have done it, she still always has my back. I reached rock bottom, and guess who was right there to pick me up? My mom. Mommy to the rescue and that is truly inspirational to me because it shows I am worth something to someone.

    -What I find inspirational and beautiful is my niece and nephew were over at my house the night before Easter. We were all eating dinner except my niece, so I went outside and my niece called me “the Easter bunny” because her mom said if she didn’t eat all of her food the Easter bunny would not come. After our talk she ate all of her food. I thought this was so cute, it shows you how much little kids believe in things.

    -Something inspirational in my life is my friend “K”. We have only been friends for about 3 years, but he has already impacted my life. K is a marine, and even though he is fighting for our country and sees so many damaged people, he somehow manages to put a smile of his face and everyone else’s face around him. Every moment I spend with K impacts my life and makes each day brighter. He inspires me to be a better person, and I think that If people could care for one and other even half as much as K, the world would be so much happier.

    -Something inspirational in my life would be a lot of things. One of the greatest things is my buddy “B”. He’s a super great skater and he is the one that got me back into skating. Every time I watch his videos, it inspires me to work and skate hard.

    -Something I find to be very beautiful is the glory of God and his power to the change the lives of people. I have a friend named Denise that was a really big drinker and he was always partying. But then after the missionary trip we went on, God changed his life. He is now a leader in a church. His life is now leading him in a whole new direction. He has been a great inspiration to me and many others around him.

    -Lot’s of things inspire me, music, friend, just art in general, but I want to write about two specific people. One is my little cousin. Even though she is young, she does things all the time that inspire me, that make me want to change this world. I am really amazed by this 4 year old. The second person is my sister. She may be mad at me or upset and hating me with a fiery passion, but the fact that she’s had things so hard and she just keeps going even when she doesn’t want to inspires me. She makes me want to try harder and to show her how much I care about her because she’s always been their for me even when i didn’t want her to be because it wasn’t cool, or when I was just too young to defend myself, she was there. I will always be there for her her too. These two mean so much to me and they are both very beautiful and a unique additions to this world.

    -To me, beauty is more that outer appearance. Beauty is to me a good personality, kindness, happiness and curiosity. What I find most beautiful is children, they are so loving and open to the world.

    -(this one slayed me) Something I find to be beautiful and inspirational is Ms.J’s dedication/relationship with, not only her students, but everyone she meets. Today she told us her story about a student she is close to having to move away and how touched she was and how bad she felt because he had probably not been hugged or cared for in a long while. I’m happy to know that in these kids troubled lives that he had Ms. J to turn to because i know how it feels to only have that one special teacher to turn to when your world is burning down at home. When my parents deployed to Iraq when I was in the 8th grade I didn’t have anyone to pin my principal’s award on me, or to go to my graduation, ect. I am aware how hard it is to show up to school when your home life goes to crap, but teacher’s like Ms. J make it possible. They show you that someone cares, that someone is willing to help you succeed whether you deserve it or not. She teaches us compassion, empathy, and to see more than just ourselves. Someday I want to be able to work with troubled children. I want to teach them to accept each other as a unique individual, to show them that someone really cares, and that someone is willing to help rather than judge, and to teach them that they will always have someone to turn to just like Ms. J.

    -My girlfriend is the most beautiful and inspiration thing/person in my life. She makes me try and achieve, not for her benefit, but mine. She goes out of her way to make me happy and never down. Even when the world is against me and at arms, she is there to hold me and push my drive up and wipe the tears from my eyes. She always finds my best attributes and helps me let them shine through. She never gives up on me, she sees something and keeps pushing until it’s so visible even a blind person could see them. She is my inspiration, my muse; she is mine, my girlfriend.

    – Beauty is the summer sun beating on every flower in the field and every rock in the riverbed, and every wave in the sea. I love the beauty of laziness during summer, you know, that little buzz you get when you in the sun for a while, and the crazy, loud, din of the memory of road trips with friends and so much laughter.

    -What do I find inspirational? I am inspired every time I see someone face an obstacle and get knocked down and then get up again. Every time life knocks you down and you get up and fight on, you are showing yourself and everyone else that we have the ability to stand triumphant over our trials. We can all overcome our trials if we keep trying, because in the end, tough times don’t last, but tough people do.

    – There is something beautiful in so many things I love, but the one thing that warms my soul is the simple, yet complicated, riffs and sounds from an acoustic guitar or an old fashioned grand piano…I have an musical artery, it’s part of me.
    -What I find inspirational is my father. I find him inspirational because as a child he never had anything, born in Mexico it seemed as if he was doomed to be poor and live within poverty. My father has worked for everything that he has. He loves his family and has worked his hands to the one just to give his family the best and to give them what he never had, the opportunity to have. I love my father.

    -I find my parents to be inspirational because they had no support or family. My dad went from job to job and appointment to appointment. Both of my parents have been through hell and back especially after losing a daughter years back; the anger and depression they had to deal with was overwhelming. They are my inspiration to work hard and have a better and more stable life than they did.

    – I am inspired when I’m racing my dirt bike and the sun is shining and everything is perfect. I am just living in the moment and not worrying about a single thing in life, it’s the best feeling.

    – I find it really beautiful when I see kids sticking up for others who are being bullied or made fun of. It honestly breaks my heart when I see people either pushing a kid away with disabilities or straight up making fun of them. I just want to hug people who don’t have anyone to stick up for them.

    -I think it’s beautiful when people give to the needy. My mom does that and I find it inspirational. Every time I see a homeless person I have the urge to help them.

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