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paul bica / Water Photos / CC BY

This is an invitation to participate in a¬†conversation. A conversation in which you have found beauty. Please share your experiences that have moved, touched, inspired you and REGISTER to get complete access! To kick it off I will share a story of mine… I find beauty in many things all around me. I would have to say that the very first most purest moment was when my children looked into my eyes for the very first time and said “mommy I love you” ! Tears came to my eyes, I knew I mattered, I was loved, depended on, It was the most spectacular moment words could express! Simply Beautiful!!! Please take a moment and share anything, leave a comment, and thank you very much for participating!!

3 thoughts on “Invitation to the blog

  1. Beauty to me has been so natural and not really needing to be expressed more than being kind and loving. I was told at a very young age by many people that I would never need to wear make-up. I also had long hair all my early years, so I had it up in braids or pigtails all the time. I really saw a transformation in my early 20’s when I started working in retail clothing sales. I began wearing makeup and dresses to impress my customers and bosses. I had been comfortable in myself and fully expressed in every area of my life. The outward beauty was there, plus the beauty of a loving heart to lift others.
    Thank you. You are the space of beauty in all forms.

  2. What is BEAUTY?

    There are so many interpretations of the word….As a Salon Professional…Beauty is what happens when we create a COGNITIVE and PHYSICAL change in our guests. We create within and on the outside ….a feeling of Well-being..Pleasure… EUPHORIA and the ability to love oneself and feel good about oneself. On many occasions…a guest will come in and when we are finished the guest will actually be in tears of joy because they NEEDED….or wanted a PICK ME UP. We created that….we brought out in them such wonderful feelings and emotions that they became ECSTATIC!………THAT is BEAUTY…FUL!!!!!

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